Delicacy & Nourishment - Lyrics by Ernest Noyes Brookings Vol. 3
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CD East Side Digital (ESD 80632) 1992

1. Niemi (Supe & The Sandwiches)
2. The Man Who Wasn't There (Galen Herod)
3. Rythms (Peter Stampfel and the Bottlecaps)
4. January (Fish & Roses)
5. Spaghetti (Peter Holsapple and The Freaking Bigs)
6. Atom Bomb (The Fliptops)
7. Artificial Heart (Yo La Tengo)
8. Fashion Parade (Little Jack Melody and his Young Turks)
9. Sun (Willner, Reynolds, and Cunningham)
10. Embarrassed (Peter Blegvad)
11. Vegetables (Only a Mother)
12. Risky Business (Evan Johns and the H-Bombs)
13. Smoke (Proof of Utah)
14. Time (The Shines)
15. Shirk (Phillip Perkins)
16. Third Month March (Idlewild)
17. My Jobs (Mark Hauptschein)
18. Soap (H.P. Lovetunnel)
19. Ear (Magnapop)
20. Z (Michael Hurley)

Notes: This album is a compilation of original songs with (as the tile implies) lyrics by E.N.B. The artists are in parentheses next to the song title. Track 7 is the Yo La Tengo song.

Details from Matador's Annotated Discography:

Recorded at Fun City with Wharton Tiers, on a reel of tape from Noise New York, over a Zeena Parkins session, in April of 1991. My first recording date, and I stunk. --James


Georgia Hubley - Singing, Drums
Ira Kaplan - Singing, Guitar
James McNew - Bass