Mark Eitzel - Caught In A Trap and I Can't Back Out 'Cause I Love You Too Much, Baby
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CD Matador OLE 179-2 1997

  1. Are You The Trash
  2. Xmas Lights Spin
  3. Auctioneer's Song
  4. White Rosary
  5. If I Had A Gun
  6. Goodbye
  7. Queen of No One
  8. Cold Light of Day
  9. Go Away
  10. Atico 18
  11. Sun Smog Seahorse

Notes: James plays bass on tracks 6, 7, 8, and 9. Mark Eitzel was the frontman from American Music Club and recently had a major label release with Pete Buck of R.E.M. The cover on the bottom is the pre-release promotional only cover.