A Means to an End - The Music of Joy Division
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CD Virgin 1995

1. She Lost Control (Girls Against Boys)
2. Day of the Lords (Honeymoon Stitch)
3. New Dawn Fades (Moby)
4. Transmission (Low)
5. Atmosphere (Codeine)
6. Insight (Further)
7. Love Will Tear Us Apart (Stanton-Miranda)
8. Isolation (Star Children)
9. Heart and Soul (Kendra Smith)
10. Twenty Four Hours (Versus)
11. Warsaw (Desert Storm)
12. They Walked in Line (godheadSilo)
13. Interzone (Face to Face)
14. As You Said (Tortoise)

Notes: This album is a collection of Joy Division songs being covered. Ira plays electric guitar on track 7.