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CD Caroline 1992

1. Ca Plane Pour Moi (Sonic Youth)
2. Rock and Roll Girl (Muffs)
3. Destination Unknown (Erectus Monotone)
4. How Much More (Red Kross)
5. 5'1" (Tiny Lights)
6. Pump It Up (Mudhoney)
7. The Wait (Das Damen)
8. Tainted Love(Finger)
9. Wishing (It's OK)
10. Dreaming (Yo La Tengo)
11. Wuthering Heights(White Flag)
12. I Got You (The Connells)
13. Homosapien (Big Dipper)
14. Mexican Radio (Polvo)
15. Antmusic (Hypnolovewheel)
16. Don't You Want Me Baby (Chia Pet)
17. Hero Worship (Permanent Green Light)
18. Girl U Want (Superchunk)

Notes: This album is a compilation of 70s cover songs benefiting Planned Parenthood. The artists are in parentheses next to the song title. Track 10 is Yo La Tengo doing a Blondie cover song.

Details from Matador's Annotated Discography:

On the release of this album, we played a Planned Parenthood benefit at CBGB. To hammer home the new wave theme, we invited audience members to perform new wave karaoke with us (we played, they sang). Celebrity participants included Combustible Edison's The Millionaire ("Turning Japanese") and Anitetam's Josh Madell ("Concrete Jungle"), though the scene-stealer was without a doubt the stranger (in every sense of the word) who gave his all to "Psycho Killer." -Ira


Georgia Hubley - Drums
Ira Kaplan - Guitar
James McNew - Bass