Grand Slang
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CD City Slang 2000

1. From a Motel 6 (Steve Fisk Remix) (Yo La Tengo)
2. More Than You Ever New (Wheat)
3. Strongholder (Salaryman)
4. Relics and Artefacts (Larmousse)
5. Cach (Tasha Bundy Remix) (Calexico)
6. Up With People (Zero7 Reprise Mix) (Lambchop)
7. Cars (Variant) (To Rococo Rot)
8. Madison Area (Tortoise)
9. Switched on Boss Hog (SchneiderTM)
10. Softrock Classic (Le Hammond Inferno Mix) (Experimental Pop Band)
11. The Organ That Killed Me (Reverse Commuter)

Notes: This compilation of hard-to-find and unreleased tracks was released in Germany to celebrate City Slang's 10th Anniversary. The YLT track is commercially unreleased, but it is suspected that this is the hidden track on the CD single of Motel 6.

Georgia Hubley - Drums
Ira Kaplan - Vocals, Guitar
James McNew - Bass