Little Honda (U.K.)
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CD Single/7" Matador U.K. 1997

1. Little Honda (realx, mp3x.shockwave)

the CD Single contains:

2. No Return (realx, mp3x)
3. Black Hole (realx, mp3x)
4. By The Time It Gets Dark (liquidx, mp3x)
5. (Hidden Track) Little Honda (Live) (liquidx)

the 7" Single contains:

2. Little Honda (Live) (liquidx)

Notes: Little Honda is from "I Can Hear the Heart Beating As One".  The other songs are all cover songs. The title track is a Beach Boys cover, track 2 is a Kinks cover, track 3is a Urinals cover, and track 4 is a Sandy Denny cover. The image on the cover is Bottineau, ND's, 33 foot high, Tommy the Turtle.(Beware of site!)


Georgia Hubley - Singing, Drums, Organ
Ira Kaplan - Singing, Guitar, Organ
James McNew - Bass