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CD/2LP Homestead (HMS-100) 1988

1. Doomsday (Verlaines)
2. He is God (Big Dipper)
3. Alive Again (Live Skull)
4. Lives of the Saints No.135 (Honor Role)
5. I'm Like You (Urinals)
6. Standing At The Crossroads (Great Plains)
7. Charmed Life (Half-Japanese)
8. Red Barn (Salem 66) (live)
9. I'm in Heaven How (American Music Club)
10. Coming Through (Pastels)
11. Aberration (Nice Strong Arm)
12. Flesh Colored House (Bastro)
13. Quest (Phantom Tollbooth)
14. Gravity (Tall Dwarves)
15. Ultravixen (Volcano Suns)
16. Stanley (Antietam)
17. I Wish I Was Adopted (Happy Flowers)
18. Party In My Heart (The Chills)
19. Somebody's Baby (Yo La Tengo)
20. Two Week Vacation (The Embarrassment)
21. Oddity (The Clean) (live)
22. Do It (Death of Samantha)

Notes: This album (Georgia designed the cover) is a compilation of unreleased tracks. The artists are in parentheses next to the song title. Track 19 is Yo La Tengo doing a Jackson Browne song from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. This track is also on Genius + Love...

Details from Matador's Annotated Discography:

Georgia also did the cover art. There used to be two of those chairs in I & G's kitchen. Then there were three. Now there are none. A fine compilation, with some great selections by The Clean, Happy Flowers, Pastels, GC Allin. --James.


Georgia Hubley - Drums
Ira Kaplan - Guitar
Stephan Wichnewski - Bass