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CD 1995 Meldac MECI 25019

1. Madly They Old Ride (God is My Co-Pilot)
2. Sham Bazar (Melt-Banana)
3. Some Kind of I.D. (Melt-Banana)
4. Thermal Treasure (Polvo)
5. Manga Banned in D.C. (Manga Band)
6. Surprise Life (Kiki)
7. Soul Snacher (Okinawa)
8. ESP Sound (ESP Records)
9. Cry (Brain Zero)
10. Adba Gadba Hey (Plastic Nuggets)
11. Aqua Challenger (The 1+2's)
12. Trash (?)
13. Live for Yourself (Dubnarco Mix) (Kickin' Giant)
14. Crackhead Up or Down (Mellt-Banana)
15. I Wanna Kick Myself For You (Railroad Jerk)
16. Know Your Product (?)
17. Incus! Incus! Incus! (Banana)
18. Blessed by Angels (Jad and David)
19. Regular Life (Yo La Tengo and Jad Fair)
20. Dark Night (Half-Japanese)
21. Beat Beat Beat (Jason Willet and Jad Fair)
22. I'll be Back (Jad Fair)
23. Bad Girl (Hattifatteners)

Notes: Yo La Tengo perform on track 19 of this Japanese-only CD with Jad Fair. The liner notes also list their "all time best 5", which are 1. Live at Klooks Kleeks - Graham Bond Organisation 2.Small Faces - Small Faces 3. Village Green Preservation Society - Kinks 4. The Pretty Things - The Pretty Things and 5. Barret [sic] - Syd Barett


Jad Fair - Guitar, Singing
Georgia Hubley - Singing, Drums
Ira Kaplan - Singing, Guitar
James McNew - Bass