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LP Coyote (TTC8559) 1985

1. Sleep With Angels (The Wygals)
2. Enough is Never Enough (Rage To Live)
3. Devil's Train (Trigger & The Thrill Kings)
4. Big Fat Monkey's Hat (Scruffy the Cat)
5. Just A Little is Enough (Last Roundup)
6. Private Doberman (Yo La Tengo)
7. A Plan Revised (The Trypes)
8. Elvis, What Happened? (Mr. Bonus)
9. Dreamland (Gut Bank)
10. Stay Right Here (Deep Six)
11. Nightfall (Kilkenny Cats)
12. John Calvin (Myra Holder)
13. Listening To Elvis (Syd Straw)
14. Ask For Jill - 3D (The Jacks)
15. Never Comin' Home (Raunch Hands)

Notes: Track 6 is Yo La Tengo. It is also worth noting that this way cool compilation also boasts Pete Holsapple as "Mr. Bonus" and ChrisStamey and Matthew Sweet make up "The Jacks." Also various Feelies and Db's members are strewn thoughout the album

Details from Matador's Annotated Discography:

YLTG: How many original songs were there then?
Dave Rick: We had three original songs, and one of them was a Love cover (laughs). No, let's see, there were probably enough to fill out most of a set - we played 'Crispy Duck' back then - lots of covers. Do you guys still do 'Big Sky'?
YLTG: Not very often.
Dave Rick: Good bass part.
Dave Schramm: I don't have a lot of uproarious recollections of the first recordings. They were great fun, of course. But I was pretty oblivious I guess, just having a gas in the studio, like a kid in a candy store. I do remember Mr. Stamey always taking issue with my use of the twang bar, but since I remember playing only lap steel on "Private Dalmatio