Mouthful of Sweat Video
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VHS Chemical Imbalance 1988

This VHS contains videos of

  1. Funeral Home (Daniel Johnston)
  2. Go Sit On A Beach (Missing Foundation)
  3. Death Of A Wolf (Missing Foundation)
  4. Mama Said (IDF)
  5. Movement (Slovenly)
  6. Teenager in Love (3Mb Quicktime) (Yo La Tengo)
  7. Everyday (3Mb Quicktime) (Yo La Tengo)
  8. Laughing Face (Max)
  9. Red Dress (Jad Fair and Charles)
  10. Twist & Shout (Jad Fair & Charles)
  11. Urge To Kill (Unsane NYC)
  12. Jungle Music (Unsane NYC)
  13. Velvet Monkeys Theme (Velvet Monkeys)
  14. Magnolia Caboose Babyshit (Mudhoney)
  15. No One Has (Mudhoney)
  16. I Did Acid With Caroline (Daniel Johnston)
  17. Government Figures (Steve Fisk)
  18. 5D (Live Skull)
  19. Theme Ball (B.A.L.L.)
  20. Malcom X Park (Unrest)
  21. Hey Hey Twirl (Max)
  22. Shine On Elizabeth (Cop Shoot Cop)
  23. Tugboat (Galaxie 500)
  24. Serpent Mound (Great Plains)
  25. Aroma (Fifteen)
  26. Science Song #1 (Mofungo)
  27. Don't Play Cards With Satan (Daniel Johnston)
  28. Regression (IDF)
  29. Improvisation Live (Graves/Parker/Brotzman)
  30. Louie Louie (Reverb Motherfuckers)
  31. Look Up At The Sun (Prong)
  32. Motor City (Honeymoon Killers)
  33. Live To Be Hated (G.G. Allin)

Notes: Most of these songs are live. The Yo La Tengo songs, videos 6 and 7 were recorded in the Spring of 1988, live in Ira and Georgia's living room by Mike McGonigal. YLT consists only of Ira and Georgia in the videos.