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LP/CD Matador 1993

1. Big Day Coming (realx)
2. From A Motel 6 (realx)
3. Double Dare (realx)
4. Superstar-Watcher (realx)
5. Nowhere Near (realx)
6. Sudden Organ (liquidx)
7. A Worrying Thing (liquidx)
8. I Was The Fool Beside You Too Long (liquidx)
9. The Whole of the Law (liquidx)
10. Big Day Coming (liquidx)
11. I Heard You Looking (liquidx)

Bonus Tracks on Japanese Pressing:

12. Shaker (Also found on Shaker CD Single) (realx)
13. For Shame Of Doing Wrong (Also found on Shaker CD Single) (realx)
14. Ashes On The Ground (Also found on Motel 6 CD Single) (realx)
15. Double-Dare (Sominextraction) (Also found on Big Day Coming 7")

Notes: Track 9 was originally done by The Only Ones. The image below onthe right is from the CitySlang promo pressing of the CD.

Details from Matador's Annotated Discography:

Joe Puleo: In 1992 we were flying out of JFK, on our way to Europe. I went through the metal detector first, then you guys went through, and you were all gathered around the monitor as the suitcase filled with effects pedals went through the x-ray machine. As we moved on from there, Ira asked me if I saw how cool it looked, and I replied, "No, but I heard you looking."

YLTG: Then that was the tour you began playing organ on the song, right?

JP: Yeah, well, I had just named the song, I had to do something with it. I think the first time I played organ was in Munich. Hey, remember that guy who played drums for Seam on that tour? Whatever happened to him? maybe some of your readers will know.

Roger Moutenot: The name Water Music became very appropriate when we had to move the multitrack so it wouldn't get destroyed by the various leaks in the ceiling. I like that place, though, except for the persistent oil smell, and the giant electrical transformer which made all the equipment hum.

Georgia Hubley - Singing, Drums, Organ
Ira Kaplan - Singing, Guitar, Organ
James McNew - Bass
Roger Moutenot - Producer