The Ruta 66 Album
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CD/LP (CAP15) 1991

1. You're On Your Own (Edwyn Collins)
2. Tried To Hide (The Overcoat)
3. The Smiles of Yesterday (Johan Asherton)
4. I Got A Woman (Tav Falco's Panther Burns)
5. The Monster Inside of Me (Daniel Johnston)
6. Watchuwant (Sky Frontier)
7. Sexy Sadie (Elliot Murphy and Ernie Brooks)
8. Twist & Burn (Devil Dogs)
9. D.Q. Live (Mutton Gun)
10. Pea Porridge Hot (Willie Alexander)
11. Lost Interest (The Edsel Auctioneer)
12. You Tore Me Down (Chris Wilson)
13. Dazed 'n Hazey (Honeymoon Killers)
14. The Crimes of Dr. Cream (Paul Roland)
15. Men + Women Together (Pat Thomas)
16. Hanky Panky No How (Yo La Tengo)
17. Is it True? (The Raunch Hands)
18. Ace Orton (Half Japanese)

Notes: Track 16 is the Yo La Tengo song, which is a John Cale cover. Check out the liner notes and picture from it!

Details from Matador's Annotated Discography:

Ruta 66 is a great music magazine from Spain, or at least it looks great, as none of us can read it, as it is in Spanish. The best Daniel Johnston song ever recorded, " The Monster Inside of Me", is also on here. The was song recorded on Tara Key's 4-track, in Ira & Georgia's old house. It features the beautiful vocals of their late cat Shauna.


Georgia Hubley - Singing, Drums
Ira Kaplan - Guitar
Egon - Cat Noises