Speeding Motorcycle
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7" SOL Label (SOL-911-7) 1990

1. Speeding Motorcycle (mp3x, mp3x, liquidx)
2. Do You Really Love Me?

Notes: Yellow Vinyl (First Edition). Recorded on WFMU Feb. 4th 1990 with Daniel Johnston singing over the telephone. B-Side is Daniel Johnston Live in Austin, Texas. SOL was Bob Mould's label.

Details from Matador's Annotated Discography:

The story goes: Daniel, who was living in West Virginia, would call up Nick Hill's show on WFMU, which broadcasts from East Orange, NJ, and talk and sing. YLT played live on the air one night, and Daniel "sat in". But the thing is, there's no way he could have possibly heard the band - how the hell did he do it? How? Anyways, I wasn't there. --James.

Line-up (Track 1):

Georgia Hubley - Drums
Ira Kaplan - Guitar
Dave Schramm - Organ