Spooky Sounds
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Comic Book & CD Vesuvius Pomp 013 1997

  1. The Haunted Radio (Dymaxion)
  2. Blip^/Blip~ (Blips)
  3. Werewolf of London Town (Jad Fair & Jason Willett)
  4. The Lonliest Monk (Two Dollar Guitar)
  5. It's Under The Waltzers (Herald)
  6. Mailor Jeune (Kooljerk)
  7. Scooby Don't (Mount Vernon Arts Lab)
  8. Red Moss (Cylinder)
  9. Spooky Dooky (Pink Kross)
  10. Screambirds (Mystery Dick)
  11. Cat Whisker (Amplifier)
  12. Saturday Night Mo-Mo (The Yummy Fur)
  13. Vertigo (Dick Johnson)
  14. Clown Sex (Angel Corpus Christi)
  15. Full Length Mirror (Project Dark)
  16. Red Moss [Frame Trigger] (G. Mack)
  17. Hallucination of a Deranged Mind [Inspired by Coffin Joe] (the Dramatics)
  18. 3D (Yo La Tengo)
  19. L'etat de Grace (Supermalprodelica)
  20. Spool to Spool (High Llamas)
  21. Singing Floorboards (Will Prentice)

Notes:  This CD comes from Scotland along with a very cool comic collection. Note that track 2 is two members of Stereolab (Tim & Mary) and Pete Kember (otherwise known as Sonic Boom and Spectrum, ex-Spacemen 3). The YLT Song is track 18 and a 2 minute spooky groovy song. There is singing, but no words.


Georgia Hubley - Singing, Drums, Organ
Ira Kaplan - Singing, Guitar, Organ
James McNew - Bass