The Stinky Puffs - A Little Tiny Smelly Bit Of...
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CD Elemental 1995

  1. Buddies Aren't Butts
  2. Menendez' Killed Their Parents
  3. I'll Love You Anyway
  4. I'm Gross
  5. No You're Not
  6. Pizza Break
  7. Buddies Aren't Butts (Live)
  8. I'll Love You Anyway (Live)
  9. I'm Gross (Live)
  10. No You're Not (Live)

The Stinky Puffs: Simon Fair Timony (vocals); Cody Linn Ranaldo, Don Fleming (guitar); Eric Eble (bass); Sheenah Fair (drums); Jad Fair (sound effects).

The Super Stinky Puffs Band: Simon Fair Timony (vocals); Eric Eble, Ira Kaplan (guitar); Krist Novoselic (bass); Dave Grohl, Sheenah Fair (drums); Jad Fair (sound effects).

Additional personnel: Mike Galinsky, Chris O'Rourke.