Yo Yo a Go Go
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Double LP/CD yoyo 1996

Disc 1:
1. Three Reichs You're Out (The Rickets)
2. Carson (Excuse 17)
3. Lost in Time (Bloodthirsty Butchers)
4. Another Schizoid Embolism (godheadSilo)
5. Ax Men (Heaven to Betsy)
6. Take it Away (Fitz of Depression)
7. Freedom Riders (The Halo Benders)
8. Mongoose (Copass Grinderz)
9. Push Push, You Make Me Want to Choke (Mukilteo Fairies)
10. My Home Town (Girl Trouble)
11. Me Big Mouth (Karp)
12. Title Unknown, Sleeping Bag (Beck)
13. Your Bed (Cub)
14. P.R.O.D.U.C.T. (New Bad Things)
15. I Love You Anyway (The Stinky Puffs)
16. I Walk Alone (Mecca Normal)
17. D (Codeine)
18. Helsinki (Mary Lou Ford)

Disc 2:

1. The Lesbionic Story (Team Dresch)
2. She's Amazing (Team Dresch)
3. I Love You on a Tues. (Neutral Milk Hotel)
4. Lone Surfer Ghost (Dig Yr Grave)
5. Empty Patches (The Softies)
6. Dream Boat (The Crabs)
7. Blonde's Blonde (Kicking Giant)
8. F-Train [note: This is actually "Cone of Silence"] (Georgia and Ira)
9. Frog (Versus)
10. Shot (Satellite)
11. Forever Nearly True (Crayon)
12. Crimson Tide (Nuzzle)
13. R is for Rocket (Long Hind Legs)
14. Apple (Some Velvet Sidewalk)
15. Strumpet (Lois)
16, Day Old Tree (Hush Harbor)
17. Special Sunrise (Blair Mailer)
18. Valentine Card (Unwound)

Notes: Track 8 of Disc 2 is Georgia and Ira acoustic and live in 1994as part of the Yo Yo Series.


Georgia Hubley - Singing, Drums
Ira Kaplan - Singing, Guitar