All Tomorrow's Parties 1.0
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CD All Tomorrow's Parties 2001

  1. Bird and Flag (Bundy K. Brown Remix) (The Sea and Cake)
  2. Shitslime Garbage Can vs. My MPC (Prefuse 73)
  3. DDL (Broadcast)
  4. Piker Sam (Calexico)
  5. Our Way To Fall (Live) (Yo La Tengo)
  6. Sinfo (Rick Rizzo & Tara Key)
  7. Waterfront (The Sinking Road) (Black Heart Procession)
  8. Cliff Dweller Society (Tortoise)
  9. I Seen What You Say (Mike Ladd)
  10. In a Beautiful Place in the Country (Edit) (Boards of Canada)
  11. If I Was Santa Claus (Atmosphere)
  12. Ridiculoid (Cannibal Ox featuring El-P)
  13. All Tomorrow's Linoleum (Autechre)
  14. Maquette Augmentation (Russell Haswell)

Notes: This CD was released in the UK in conjunction with live festival "All Tomorrow's Parties," in which Yo La Tengo played. Track 5 is the Yo La Tengo track and is from Matador Fest (9/25/99) which released on Wire Tapper 5..


Georgia Hubley - Singing, Drums, Organ
Ira Kaplan - Singing, Guitar, Organ
James McNew - Bass