The Wire Tapper 5
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CD The Wire 2000

  1. So Remix (Matmos Remix) (Labradford)
  2. Nine of Ten (Stephen Vitiello)
  3. Herz (VVE)
  4. Anastaja (Kimmo Pohjonen)
  5. Pink Flag/2 (Wire)
  6. Last Seaweed Collecting Hut At Freshwater West Part 1:Angle (Stylus)
  7. Construction 1 Stat/Unt/Dist (Extract) (John Wall)
  8. Quiet Nights Intro/Quiet Nights (Curd Duca)
  9. Gurtel Zwei (Fennesz, O'Rourke, Rehberg)
  10. The Best Of (I'm Sore vs Noise Camp)
  11. Viaduct (Daniel Givens)
  12. Fonofonier (Arne Nordheim)
  13. Our Way To Fall (Live) (Yo La Tengo)
  14. Part 4 (Edit) (Vert)
  15. Egyptian Knights (Aesop Quartet)
  16. Skin With Me (Mira Calix)
  17. Don't Be Afraid. Even If Your Nerves Snap, You Can Tie Them To A Fragment Of The Universe... (Fushitsusha)

Notes: This is a promotional-only CD was available only with the March 2000 Issue of the (fabulous) UK magazine, The Wire. Track 13 is originally from And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out. This version was recorded live at Irving Plaza, New York on December 25, 1999. This track is also available on All Tomorrow's Parties 1.0.


Georgia Hubley - Singing, Drums, Organ
Ira Kaplan - Singing, Guitar, Organ
James McNew - Bass, Singing