Music From The Films of Hal Hartley
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CD True Fiction Pictures 1993

1. Opening Credits - Simple Men (Ned Rifle)
2. Walk Away - Trust (Hub Moore and the Great Outdoors)
3. Opening Credits - The Unbelievable Truth (Jim Coleman)
4. Always Something - Simple Men (Yo La Tengo)
5. Cue #32 - Simple Men (Ned Rifle)
6. Good Intentions - The Unbelievable Truth (The Brothers Kendall)
7. Cue #16 - Trust (Phillip Reed/Ned Rifle)
8. Rue Des Jours - Surviving Desire (Ether)
9. Gonna Miss You - Surviving Desire (Hub Moore)
10. Closing Credits - Theory of Achievement (Ned Rifle)
11. Some Kinda Fatigue - Simple Men (Yo La Tengo)
12. Cue #53/62 - Simple Men (Ned Rifle)
13. Mess With Me - Trust (Hub Moore and the Great Outdoors)
14. End Credits - Trust (Phillip Reed/Ned Rifle)
15. End Credits - Simple Men (Ned Rifle)

Notes: This CD is only available through Matador Mail Order. Both Yo La Tengo songs can also be found on May I Sing With Me. (...And the movies are brilliant!) He also directed the video for "From a Motel 6."


Georgia Hubley - Singing, Drums
Ira Kaplan - Singing, Guitar
James McNew - Bass