For Your Ears Only - A Jersey Beat Compilation Vol.2
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CS 1986

1. Radical Sabatical (The Disturbed)
2. Inside the Box (Great Wall)
3. I Swear (Spiral Jetty)
4. Hand in Hand (PLC)
5. Carla Gets Confused (Balloon Squad)
6. I Feel Good (The Mod Fun)
7. Lost My Mind (The Porno Sponges)
8. Kean College (STETZ)
9. I Wanna Pet My Cat (The Burnt)
10. Trust (The Motive)
11. Heart's Expired (Yo La Tengo)
12. Your Eyes Reflest (The Mick London Experience)
13. Acid Punks (The Mopeds)
14. Liberal College Radio (Moist Ham Radio)
15. I'm Dying of Boredom (The Disturbed)
16. Tet (Urgent Fury)
17. Fixin' To Fool Around (SMERSH)
18. Eyes of Elizabeth (The Unrehearsed)
19. No Return Requested (Sarcastic Orgasm)
20. I Can See That Far (Love Pushers)
21. Kids At Heart (Ray Mason)

Notes: Track 11 is the Yo La Tengo song, and is a cover of a Will Rigby (of the dB's) song from his solo LP on Egon Records (Georgia and Ira's Label).

Details from Matador's Annotated Discography:

Written by Will Rigby. His version is on the Egon album Sidekick Phenomenon of which, incidentally, we still have a few copies left. --Ira
Cassette also includes "Acid Punks" by The Mopeds, "Carla Gets Confused" by Balloon Squad, more. --James
Lineup unknown. --Georgia


Georgia Hubley - Singing, Drums
Ira Kaplan - Singing, Guitar