Will Rigby - Sidekick Phenomenon
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LP Egon Records EGON-E02 1985

  1. Setting the Woods on Fire
  2. Heart's Expired
  3. I've Stopped my Dreaming About You
  4. Tail of A Star
  5. The Question
  6. Son of Sagittarius
  7. Two or Three Things
  8. I Can't Hold Myself in Line
  9. Let Me Show You How I Can Do

Notes: Released on Yo La Tengo's own record label, this record is by former dB, Will Rigby. Peter Holsapple (from the dB's and recently REM) also appears on the record. Track 2 was covered by Yo La Tengo on the Jersey Beat Cassette. River of Water was EGON-E01 and I believe this was the last release on YLT's label. Georgia did the cover.


Will Rigby - Most Everything