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CD Alias 1993

  1. Web In Front (Archers of Loaf)
  2. Wrong (Archers of Loaf)
  3. Tatyana (Archers of Loaf)
  4. Jimmy Still Comes Around (The Loud Family)
  5. Shut Up..... (The Loud Family)
  6. Back of a Car (The Loud Family)
  7. No One Twisting His Arm (The Loud Family)
  8. Take Me Down (Live) (The Loud Family)
  9. Sanity In The Asylum (Matt Keating)
  10. Pull Some Strings (Matt Keating)
  11. Lost Again (Live) (Matt Keating)
  12. Peace of Mind (Hypnolovewheel)
  13. Watermelon Song (Hypnolovewheel)
  14. I Know That (X-Tal)
  15. Stating The Obvious (X-Tal)
  16. Things We Need (The Skeletons)
  17. Upside-Down (Acoustic) (Yo La Tengo)
  18. Chanel #5 (American Music Club)
  19. Home Again (The Sneetches)

Notes: This is promotional-only CD contains songs that are not found elsewhere by some of the artists. Track 17 is the Yo La Tengo song from the Upside-Down EP.


Georgia Hubley - Singing, Drums, Some Feedback
Ira Kaplan - Singing, Guitar
James McNew - Bass
Kevin Salem - Guitar on track 17