President Yo La Tengo
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LP/CD Coyote Records/City Slang (TTC 88142) 1989
LP/CD Matador Records (OLE-206) 1997

1. Barnaby, Hardly Working (realx)
2. Drug Test (realx)
3. The Evil That Men Do (Craig's version) (realx)
4. Orange Song (Live) (realx)
5. Alyda (realx)
6. The Evil That Men Do (Pablo's version) (liquidx)
7. I Threw it All Away (liquidx)

Notes: Track 4 is an Antietam cover. This is also available on CD along with New Wave Hot Dogs and The Asparagus Song  The image below on the the left is of the promotional Japanese release.

Details from Matador's Annotated Discography:

Gene Holder: Stephan played bass on the live stuff, but I played on the studio stuff. It was a weird time, it seemed like one day he was in the band, the next day he was in Switzerland or something, then the next day he was back in the band. One thing I remember was we sampled somebody's sniffle on a vocal track, I think it was Georgia, and then we used it as a percussion track on "Alyda".

Some people think President Yo La Tengo is the best YLT record. Even Elvis Costello played "Drug Test" as a guest DJ some time ago. A few people have cited New Wave Hot Dogs as their favorite, but they're either Dutch or drunk, or both. Or just drunk and Dan Cuddy. -Georgia

Georgia Hubley - Drums
Ira Kaplan - Guitar
Stephan Wichnewski - Bass
Gene Holder - Bass on tracks 2 and 5, Producer