New Wave Hot Dogs
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LP/CD Coyote Records/City Slang (TTC 87125) 1987
LP/CD Matador Records (OLE-206) 1997

1. Clunk (liquidx)
2. Did I Tell You (liquidx)
3. House Fall Down (liquidx)
4. Lewis (liquidx)
5. Lost in Bessemer (liquidx)
6. It's Alright (The Way That You Live) (liquidx)
7. 3 Blocks from Groove Street (liquidx)
8. Let's Comprimise (liquidx)
9. Serpentine (liquidx)
10. A Shy Dog (liquidx)
11. No Water (liquidx)
12. The Story of Jazz (liquidx)

Notes: Track 6 is a Lou Reed cover. This is also available on CD along with President Yo La Tengo and The Asparagus Song.

Details from Matador's Annotated Discography:

Dave Rick: I went in and recorded a bunch of guitar stuff but all that got used was the stuff I did on "Let's Compromise".

Some people think President Yo La Tengo is the best YLT record. Even Elvis Costello played "Drug Test" as a guest DJ some time ago. A few people have cited New Wave Hot Dogs as their favorite, but they're either Dutch or drunk, or both. Or just drunk and Dan Cuddy. -Georgia

Georgia Hubley - Drums, Producer
Ira Kaplan - Guitar, Producer
Stephan Wichnewski - Bass
Christ Stamey - Guitar on tracks 5 and 12
Dave Rick - Guitar on track 9