Real Underground Vol.2
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2 X Progressive Entertainment Eichweier 13 51515 Kurten-Weiden
(Germany) PE11

Tape 1

Side A

  1. Cleaners From Venus, "Prince of the winter"
  2. Flu, "Livid Final Flame"
  3. Manna Erg, "Bovril"
  4. Sabatoge,"In your world"
  5. A M O R O L, "The Neverending Show"
  6. Venus Fly Trap, "Shedding another skin"
  7. Yo La Tengo, "Fog Over Frisco"
  8. Yo La Tengo, "Junk"
  9. Happy Kadaver, "Slraconia sita pomoz sam siebie"
  10. Swoons, "Klaus is dead"
  11. Almost Human, "Floating Anarchy"
  12. Cryptic Flowers, "terra"

Side B

  1. Into The Abyss, "Research without conscience"
  2. Annabelle's Garden, "Hyme"
  3. Attrition, "Fusillade V (live)"
  4. Tesendalo, "Musterbeutel"
  5. Raw, "Sad Moth"
  6. D.S.I.P, "Breathless Hurdler (Restructure 2)"
  7. DsorDNE, "nel vuoto che rimane"
  8. Patternclear, "Ramped-Up"
  9. Maeror Tri, "Solis ortus"
  10. The Drum Fondu, "Moving Out"

Tape 2

Side A

  1. Trespassers W, "Bodega Slavia"
  2. Deux Baleines Blanches, "Idiotenkonferez (Pt. 1)"
  3. Sack, "Sterntaler"
  4. Sack, "Riesen Ratsel Buch"
  5. Die Welttraumforscher, "Sommer Deiner Liebe"
  6. Schmertz der Welten, "Gro I-III"
  7. No Comment, "Red Sweat"

Side B

  1. Cosmic Kangaroos, "Burnin' Low"
  2. Herr Albrect, "Lemon"
  3. Lord Litter, "She's So Fine"
  4. Flu, "Anouchka"
  5. Magic Moments At Twilight Time, M.M.A.T.T."

Notes: Side A of Tape I has the Yo La Tengo tracks. Fog Over Frisco is on That is Yo La Tengo and Junk is not available elsewhere. Thanks to Matthew McLain for the help!

Lineup (?):

Georgia Hubley - Singing, Drums, Trombone, Guitar
Ira Kaplan - Singing, Guitar
Gene Holder - Bass, Producer