Rockamerica - January 1991
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  1. front line assembly "virus"
  2. 808 state "cubik"
  3. alien sex fiend "now i'm feeling zombified"
  4. killing joke "money is not our god"
  5. front 242 "tragedy for you (remix)"
  6. sonic youth "disapperer"
  7. soup dragons "mother universe"
  8. orson welk "party at ray's house"
  9. the water walk "never leaving eden again"
  10. harbour kings "tattoo"
  11. coil "windowpane"
  12. pale saints "half life"
  13. clock dva "sound mirror"
  14. yo la tengo "the summer"

Notes: This is a promotional video. The Yo La Tengo track is from May I Sing With Me. Thanks to Matthew McLain for the help!