Unconditionally Guaranteed
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CD Uncut 2000

  1. I Want The Drugs (Supersuckers)
  2. Good Evening, Mr. Peckinpah (Rick Rizzo & Tara Key)
  3. Fell on Hard Times (Neil Casal)
  4. Nashville Parent (Lambchop)
  5. Sweet Surrender (Bellatrix)
  6. Take Your Place (Sunshine Club)
  7. Sent You Up (Knife In Water)
  8. Stereolight (Boss Hog)
  9. Single Father (Jackie Leven)
  10. The Beat Goes On (Patricia Barber)
  11. How Much I Really Loved You (June & The Exit Wounds)
  12. The Downtown Lights (The Blue Nile)
  13. London (Noonday Underground)
  14. Baby's Got The Blues Again (Dwight Twilley)
  15. Our Way To Fall (Yo La Tengo)

Notes: This compilation was only available with the March 2000 issue of Uncut. Track 15 is originally from And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out.


Georgia Hubley - Singing, Drums, Organ
Ira Kaplan - Singing, Guitar, Organ
James McNew - Bass, Singing