Here Comes My Baby (Promo)
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CD (Promo Only) Bar/None Records 1990

1. Here Comes My Baby (realx)
2. The Story of Jazz
3. Barstool Blues
4. Let's Comprimise (mp3)
5. At The River's Edge (mp3)
6. Ecstasy Blues (liquidx)
7. Speeding Motorcycle (mp3x, mp3x, liquidx)

Notes: Track 1 from Fakebook. Tracks 2 through 6 live at the Ecstacy in Berlin, 1989. Same credits for track 2, 4, and 7 as Fakebook. Track 3 is a Neil Young song and Track 5 is written by Wally Kemp (New Colony 6). Speeding Motorcycle is the same version as the one released as a 7" and the Genius + Love CD, except it has some Daniel Johnston and band banter before the song starts and Ecstacy Blues has been released on the Genius + Love CD.

Details from Matador's Annotated Discography:

Dave Schramm: I don't remember if anything was funny about the WFMU "Speeding Motorcycle" performance other than the whole thing...

The live songs were recorded at our first-ever Berlin date on a not-especially-pleasant European tour. Chris Nelson, formerly of Information ("Let's Compromise" was one of their songs), later of Mofungo and The Scene Is Now, accompanied us. His occasional lead vocals provided us with many of the tour's memorable moments, particularly a frenzied performance of "1969" at our first-ever Madrid data. It was a free show and therefore packed a fairly large rock club (named The Rock Club), through it turned out there was still sufficient space for the crowd to get out of Chris' wasy when he decided to stage diver from the too-high-to-land-back-first stage. He limped for the rest of the tour, which didn't keep him from playing a stellar short solo set in Nijmegen, where we heard him debut "Gone For A Long Time" if memory serves. --Ira.


Georgia Hubley - Singing, Drums, Organ, Guitar
Ira Kaplan - Singing, Guitar
Steven Wichnewski - Bass
Chris Nelson - Singing on track 4
Daniel Johnston - Singing on track 7